Weather in South America remains favorable for harvesting and sowing

2021-03-26 12:01:32
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Weather in South America remains favorable for harvesting and sowing

the End of the rainy season in Brazil will allow you to finish harvesting soybeans and corn second crop, while in Argentina precipitation improve the state of soybeans and corn, although delayed harvesting.


In all parts of the corn belt in the U.S. last week were heavy precipitation, which replenished the soil moisture before sowing maize and reduced the arid conditions in the West of the Midwest. In the coming days in the East, the Midwest will be heavy rains, while in the Northern and Western regions precipitation will be negligible. The increase in air temperature will begin seeding.


On the Southern plains of the United States, the recent rains, the drought reduced and improved the condition of the winter wheat, but also provided an inventory of soil moisture before sowing soybeans and corn. The weekend there will be a few showers, but since Monday is established dry weather.


In the Northern plains of the United States intensifies drought, especially in the state of North Dakota, and for the next 7-10 days precipitation is not expected. According to the monitoring the USDA, the Western part of the state is in extreme drought, so sowing soybean and corn likely will be delayed in anticipation of precipitation.


the completion of the rains in Brazil will speed up the harvest of soybeans and corn second crop. Forecasts high temperatures in the range of 30-35 oWith and without rain for 7-10 days in the main producer of corn second crop – Mato Grosso reinforce concerns about the occurrence of the deficiency of moisture that will prevent the normal development of crops. The rainy season ends in may, because of late corn crop during flowering can feel the moisture deficit, as happened in Ukraine last year.


In Central Argentina were strong rains that will continue for another 3-4 days. They improve the state of soybeans and corn late crops. According corn exchange Buenos Aires, the sunflower was harvested at 74% of the area and the crop forecast remains at 2.7 million tons of corn accelerated and now she threshed on 7% of the area, and the harvest forecast remains at 45 million tonnes, compared to 51.5 million tons In the Central districts started harvesting soybean crop forecast which remains at 44 million tons.


In Ukraine and in southern Russia weather conditions with periodic rainfall and moderate temperatures contribute to the restoration of the vegetation period of winter wheat, which improves the prospects for future harvest and increases pressure on prices.

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