Weather forecast next 10 days will not become a factor of pressure on grain prices

2019-09-06 12:03:46
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Weather forecast next 10 days will not become a factor of pressure on grain prices

Traders are closely watching weather forecasts for the next month, which will significantly affect the ripening soybeans and corn in the United States and will determine prices for the new crop. Delay sowing in the spring has caused concern over the fate of future crops, causing corn prices increased by 20-24%. Now, however, most experts are inclined to think that the August forecast USDA quite realistic.


Following a decade of warm and dry weather in the Midwest will contribute to the filling and ripening of soybeans and maize, whose development is far behind the average, so even a slight frost can cause considerable crop damage.


Moderate and heavy rainfall and low temperatures in the Northern United States will further slow down crop growth and degrade the quality have not collected spring wheat and can reduce yield. A collection of spring wheat is significantly inferior to the average indicators in the United States and in Canada.


the Drought in the Southern plains is not conducive to the sowing of winter wheat. While the soil moisture reserves are sufficient, however, the heat of the next decade may dramatically reduce.


In Canada in the next 10 days, mild temperatures, no frost, but with heavy rains interfere with the harvest and development of late crops of wheat and canola.


Brazil from mid-September starts sowing soybean. Dry and hot weather in the Central and Northern regions will delay the beginning of planting season.


In Europe dry weather in Western and Central regions is not conducive to late filling crops and sowing and early development of winter crops. The next decade the probability of precipitation in the West and the South of France remains low in England, Germany and the Benelux countries – slightly higher. Below-normal temperatures delayed the development of crops.


In the black sea region of Ukraine and Russia warm and dry weather helps to fill the crops and the harvest.


the Regions of cultivation of wheat in Eastern Australia 5-10 days will be without rain, which will further decrease the yield.