The weather in the "corn belt" of the United States and the drought in Brazil continue to worry traders

2021-04-30 12:19:18
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The weather in the "corn belt" of the United States and the drought in Brazil continue to worry traders

now traders ' attention is focused on the weather in the central and southern regions of Brazil, where precipitation is not expected for 7-8 days, and the temperature will exceed 30O < /sup>C, which can dramatically reduce the yield of corn, crops of which are in the flowering phase. In conditions of heat and low humidity, the processes of flowering and pollination of corn are disrupted, as happened in Ukraine in 2020, when, despite the good condition of corn crops, pollination did not occur, and the yield fell sharply.


< span style="font-size:14px;" > in the regions growing corn of the second crop in Brazil, precipitation is not predicted for the next 7-10 days, so most analysts believe that the rainy season is already over, and moisture will not be enough to get a good harvest.


< span style="font-size:14px;">moderate to heavy rains will occur in the Midwest of the United States for 5-7 days, especially in the East and South, while drier weather will prevail in the western regions. Warm weather and moderate precipitation contribute to the sowing of soybeans and corn.


< span style="font-size:14px;">in the southern plains of the United States, precipitation will be moderate and favorable for wheat crops, and in the northwestern regions there will be almost no rain.


< span style="font-size:14px;" > drought persists in the Northern Plains despite light precipitation. During the week, the temperature will be below normal, with frosts, without significant precipitation, which worsens the prospects for growing wheat and corn.


< span style="font-size:14px;" > a similar situation has developed in Canada, where drought is increasing in the Prairies, and minimal precipitation and night frosts are expected during the week, which delays the sowing of spring wheat and canola.


< span style="font-size:14px;">heavy rains will occur in Europe in the coming days, which will improve the prospects for the harvest.


< span style="font-size:14px;">precipitation occurred in Ukraine and Russia, which, although delayed sowing, replenished soil moisture reserves and improved the condition of crops. Low temperatures delay plant development, but soon the air will warm up to 18-20 OC, and the development of crops will accelerate.