Weather contributes to the completion of harvesting and sowing, and precipitation in Brazil and Australia improves crop prospects.

2021-10-01 12:05:34
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Weather contributes to the completion of harvesting and sowing, and precipitation in Brazil and Australia improves crop prospects.

Traders have shifted their attention from the weather in South America to Australia, where favorable precipitation improves the prospects for future crops . Brazil has started sowing soybeans and corn, and precipitation has increased, although the rainy season, like last year, is delayed.


In most Exporting Countries of the Northern Hemisphere, dry weather has been established, which contributes to the harvesting of late crops and sowing of winter crops.


In the Midwest and plains of the United States, dry weather prevails with temperatures above normal, but with periodic showers. It promotes harvesting and development of winter wheat crops.


In the prairies of Canada, there will be no precipitation for another 10 days, which will allow you to complete the harvesting of late crops without loss.


In northwestern Europe, temperatures will drop and the amount of rain will increase, which will delay harvesting, but reduce the drought in some areas of France and Germany.


In Ukraine and in the south-west of Russia, precipitation that took place in the second half of September replenished soil moisture reserves, which will favorably affect winter crops. Over the next 7-10 days, dry but cold weather will prevail there, which will speed up harvesting.


Heavy precipitation in the south and periodic heavy rains in the center of Brazil accelerate the sowing of soybeans and corn, as well as improve the condition of wheat crops. During the week, rain will fall all over the country, including in the central-western regions, which are the largest soybean producers. Heavy rains in Brazil will increase pressure on the prices of oilseeds amid forecasts of an increase in the area of sowing and harvesting in the new season.


In Argentina, there was also light precipitation, which in some areas was insufficient for the development of crops. However, soybean and corn sowing is accelerating, and wheat crops are in good condition. In some places, we started harvesting wheat. Short-term rains are expected in the country for 7-10 days, but drought will continue in the north-western and central regions.


In Australia, the weather with heavy precipitation contributes to the development of the crop. During the week, rain will fall in the main agricultural regions, which will improve the potential of the crop, although it may worsen the quality of wheat where it has already begun to be harvested.

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