The weather mainly contributes to the formation of crops, but the drought in Brazil reduces the yield of corn

2021-05-28 12:01:18
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The weather mainly contributes to the formation of crops, but the drought in Brazil reduces the yield of corn

Heavy May rains in the main grain exporting countries are helping to improve the prospects for the future harvest, but in Brazil, second – crop corn crops have been suffering from a lack of precipitation for the second month, which leads to lower production forecasts and speculative price increases.


Last week in the south of Brazil there were light rains, which slightly improved the condition of corn crops, but in the central state of Mato Grosso, where this year the area of sowing under corn has increased, the drought worsens the prospects for the harvest. Next week, rain will fall in the southern states of Mato Grosso do Sul and Sao Paulo, but they will again bypass the central regions.


The state agency Conab lowered its forecast for the corn harvest from 82.6 to 79.8 million tons compared to April estimates, while other analysts lowered their forecasts below 70 million tons, in particular, AgroConsult experts reduced their forecast by 12 million tons to 66.2 million tons.


In the United States, in soybean and corn growing regions, the weather promotes sowing and crop development. It will rain in the Midwest of the United States next week.


In the northwestern part of the United States, precipitation also passed, which will weaken slightly next week.


On the southern plains of the United States in the wheat growing zone there were showers and thunderstorms. They will last for another week and improve the condition of crops.


Rains in the Northern Plains have reduced the stress of drought, but lower-than-normal temperatures are delaying the development of spring wheat crops.


There has been little favorable precipitation in the prairies of Canada, but cold weather delays sowing and crop development. Next week, rising air temperatures and periodic rains will speed up the sowing of spring wheat and canola.


In Argentina, recent heavy rains have improved soil moisture and the condition of winter wheat crops, and the dry and warm weather forecast for next week will allow the harvesting of soybeans and corn to be completed.


In Europe, there are favorable rains, but temperatures below normal delay the development of crops. Next week, the air will warm up, and it will rain periodically.


Throughout Ukraine, it rains and low temperatures reign, which delay sowing and development of crops and prevent treatment from diseases and weeds. The same weather will continue over the next week, which will increase the risk of damage to crops by pests and fungi.


In Russia, temperatures exceed the norm, which contributes to the development of crops against the background of heavy rains. The pace of sowing has already outstripped last year's, so there is no longer any concern about the late start of sowing. Next week, favorable weather will continue to improve the prospects for the harvest.

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