After the rapid growth of the prices of palm and soybean oil began to fall

2019-11-14 12:21:58
After the rapid growth of the prices of palm and soybean oil began to fall

After the previous speculative growth January futures for palm oil in Malaysia Monday fell by 1.6% to 2586 Ringgits/t or 622,8 $/t. the market under pressure of fundamental factors, as traders take profits.


the Decline in demand from China and the beginning of falling prices for palm oil on the Dalian exchange indicate that prices have peaked.


the Government of Indonesia planning to resume talks with the EU on a comprehensive economic partnership, which began in 2016, and the last meeting was held 17-21 June in Jakarta. Indonesia hopes for the resumption of European Union the use of palm oil in the production of biodiesel that will help to restore demand.


No news about a trade agreement between the United States and China puts pressure on prices of soybeans and oil in Chicago.


Futures soybean oil on Monday fell by 3.5% to 676,6 $/t

  • the January soybean futures fell to 336,35 $/t under the pressure of increased offerings of the new harvest and a reduction in the weekly export.


the Rise in prices of palm and soybean oil supported prices for Ukrainian sunflower oil. However, low demand limited the rise in prices. Now the drop in prices of palm and soybean oil will become a factor of pressure on the quotation of sunflower oil, but too much they will not drop.


Since the beginning of the week, prices for Ukrainian sunflower oil with delivery in December-January fell to 2-5 $/t 700-715 up to $/t FOB.


After the vegetable oil markets are falling quotations of canola oil, although they are supported by the rising price of rapeseed in Paris. The rapeseed oil futures for delivery in February-March fell to 3-5 €/t to 795 €/ton, while the February futures for canola rose to 390 €/t

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