Precipitation in South America have slowed grain prices

2021-01-22 12:07:21
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Precipitation in South America have slowed grain prices

traders now focused on the weather conditions in South America, especially in Argentina and southern Brazil, and regions of cultivation of winter wheat in the US, where there is a shortage of moisture. Recent rains in Argentina and Brazil have reduced pressure on the markets of soybeans and corn, and a powerful snowfall, which protected the crops in Ukraine and Russia before the frosts, reduced anxiety regarding the fate of the future crop of wheat.


it is Expected that within 7-8 days in the Midwest U.S. there was little precipitation in the form of snow and rain, but above-normal temperatures and absence of frosts will have a positive impact on the crops. On the Southern and Northern Plains, the snow layer is small, and during the week there will be only minor precipitation.


In the States of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas most part of crops of winter wheat suffers from drought in the West region are experiencing strong or extreme drought, and during the week of rain there will be almost no.


According to the forecast Center climate prediction NOAA during March – may on the American plains where mainly wheat is grown, the rainfall will be below normal in the Midwest – will be the norm and in the East, Midwest higher than normal, which will contribute to the development of soybeans and corn.


In Central and South Central Brazil rainfall is sufficient to generate a good harvest of soybeans and corn. Local analysts raised its forecast of soybean production, and Agency experts Datagro has increased its assessment from early lows of 134.98 to 135,5 million t Precipitation to be in the next 7-10 days will improve the condition of the soybean crop, harvesting of which started in the South, and replenish soil moisture reserves before sowing of maize second crop. Experts Datagro lowered the forecast corn crop in Brazil with 114 to 109.9 million tons due to lower forecast of the maize harvest second harvest safrinha.


In most parts of Argentina last week were strong showers and thunderstorms that have improved the security of crops of soybeans and corn moisture. During the week there is expected to warm weather with little precipitation. According to Grain exchange Buenos Aires, soybeans in Argentina is sown 98.6% of the planned areas, and the maize – 93,4%, which matches last year's pace of sowing.


In Ukraine and Russia, the increase of precipitation in recent weeks had a positive effect on crop growth. The frost retreated, and the next week will be the weather with temperatures -5...+1 degrees and little precipitation in the form of rain and snow, which will improve the soil moisture reserves and crop condition of winter wheat. In the South of Russia next week will start the fertilizing of winter crops.

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