NPP "Tehnovagi"

2019-06-25 15:05:33
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NPP "Tehnovagi"

If you need really high quality and accurate car or wagon scales, we offer you modern development of the Ukrainian plant “Tehnovagi”.


Ready to come to your facility to conduct a detailed presentation of our measuring equipment, which uspsa exported to Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia, Romania, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Belarus etc.



Very briefly about our company:

Founded in 2002., in 2011 he built his own new factory in Lviv: the production area of 7000 square meters, modern production technology, highly qualified engineers, designers, and programmers. We manufacture many non-standard scales under the requirements of the customers.

Use only high-quality components: German Flintec load cells", weighing terminals with a variety of funcy, provide accounting systems and automation of weighing.

Service centres located in Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv, Dnipro river and provide warranty and post-warranty service of scales.

the Company has all necessary certificates products and licenses.

NCE "Tehnovagi" is an accredited member of the compensation program 25 % for producers of agricultural goods (and for small farms* - 40 %) value, without VAT, of the domestic agricultural machinery.

More information about the Program and products can be found on our website:


In case you have any questions - please call:

+38 (067) 321-53-80, or