On the Ukrainian market rise in price of oilseeds and grains are cheaper

2016-05-25 14:53:20
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On the Ukrainian market rise in price of oilseeds and grains are cheaper

the Beginning of this week made some adjustments in the dynamics of prices of basic grains on the export market of Ukraine.


last week was a notable downward trend in prices for food wheat. The decrease of the export potential of wheat amid expectations of harvesting the grain of the new harvest led to a decline in demand and, consequently, the cost of the grain. On the basis of CPT-port prices have fallen by 3-5 dollars to Tony and stood at 155-156 USD/t for 3-grade wheat and $ 158-160 /tonne for wheat 2 class.

the Market of feed wheat, on the contrary, showed a slight increase, due to increased demand of feed grains from the side of processors due to the limited number of offers of corn. On the supply conditions CPT-port price of feed wheat rose by $ 3-5/tonne and amounted to 153 to 155 dollars /ton. On the basis of the SRT feed mill the price rose to 4300-4400 UAH/tone. At the beginning of a new week downward trend in prices for milling wheat continued, however, now it has covered the market of feed wheat.

the price of feed barley is now established on the level of prices of the new crop of 135-138доларів /ton , due to the lack of proposals , although analysts are predicting a gradual decline after the beginning of the harvesting campaign.

the Trend of increase in the prices is observed only in the corn market, which is associated with a decrease in the volume of proposals due to the reduction of stocks of grain from producers at a rather palpable demand for it from buyers. The demand price for corn is $ 165-170/ton or 4950-5000 UAH/t on conditions CPT port.

due to the reduction in the number of proposals continue to increase the price of soybeans. Now prices have settled at levels of $ 365-375/tonne or 10700-10750 USD/ton on terms of delivery CPT port., while Buyers offer a premium price for the soybeans without GMO and with a high protein content.


Prices for rapeseed of the new harvest are sounded at the level of $400/ton on the terms of CPT port.