On the interbank market there is a jump in the dollar

2016-08-12 12:39:39
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On the interbank market there is a jump in the dollar

on Thursday, the dollar began to rise in the morning and by the end of the day rose to the level of 24,90/24,95. The demand far exceeds the supply. The national Bank has decided not to hold an auction for the sale of dollars and just watched the situation, although the market was hoping for his reaction.


in addition to the excess demand pressure on the hryvnia has implemented the increase in balances of hryvnia liquidity in the banking sector. During the day, the correspondent accounts of banks grew more than 9.6 bln to the level of 43,694 bln. With such simultaneous infusion of hryvnia liquidity of the banking system has long been faced.


noon, currency traders realized that they are in a monopoly position and began to actively the market dictate its conditions. The customers had no alternatives, so most of the transactions took place in the range of 24.83-of 24.89 UAH/USD, indicating a significant imbalance in the interbank market. So far, nothing terrible happens, but the next auction will show the true balance of supply and demand in the market.