The Finance Ministry plans to simplify the farmers of registration of tax invoices

2017-09-12 12:06:39
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The Finance Ministry plans to simplify the farmers of registration of tax invoices

recently, the trend of increasing cases of suspension of tax invoices in enterprises of the agricultural sector has forced the Finance Ministry to change the registration process that will avoid such difficulties.

It is planned to provide taxpayers with the resolution on submission of documents (routing) to complete the transaction, then they will be considered within 10 working days. If the documents to be deposited of the DFS, further tax invoices or adjustment operation will not be suspended.

For agricultural producers, the documents are automatically accepted by the system monitoring without intervention of the SFS if:


  • the producer is entered in the register of recipients of budgetary subsidies according to the Law "On support of agriculture of Ukraine",
  • the
  • as of 31.12.16 the taxpayer was on a special tax regime according to article 209 of the tax code (in force at the time of revision),
  • the
  • payer has as of 01.01.2017 g of own or leased land area of more than 200 hectares (inclusive), which was declared to 20.02.17 and since 01.01.17 was not a simultaneous change of Director and founder of the company.

These proposals have been developed and are in the process of negotiation.

According to the Finance Ministry, the total number of suspended tax invoices the proportion of documents from taxpayers to the agricultural sector amounted in June, 5%, July 18%, in August – 29 percent.

the number of suspended automatic locking system of tax documentation with signs of fictitiousness, which was enacted July 1, has decreased from 0.83% as of 01.08.17 to 0.5% on 01.09.17.


From April 2017, the system worked in a test mode, and 01.07.17 it earned in the full mode. NKU entered the process of automatic analysis for the presence of tax risks increases the effectiveness of the fight against wholename from taxes.