MARS has reduced the rating of the grain harvest in Europe

2017-06-27 12:30:27
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MARS has reduced the rating of the grain harvest in Europe

the Monitoring service MARS, like other analytical agencies, the June report lowered the estimate yields of most crops in the new season due to prolonged drought which has prevailed over the European countries in recent weeks and has adversely affected the development of plants.


In France, which is the largest grain producer in the EU, the drought damaged winter crops and spring crops. The production of winter crops will be lower than the average five-year rate.


In Spain for lack of moisture also significantly affected the winter crops.


In the Central and southern regions of Europe, including Western Germany, Eastern Poland hot and dry weather limited impact on crops.


Experts MARS reduced the estimate of yield of soft wheat in the EU to 5.86 t/ha against of 5.91 t/ha in the may report and 6.05 t/ha in April. The forecast yield of barley decreased from 4.76 t/ha to 4.7 t/ha, maize – from 7.15 t/ha to 7.14 t/ha.


Despite the increase in the forecast of yields of rape from 3.17 t/ha to 3.22 t/ha, this indicator will remain below five-year average level.