The hryvnia on the interbank market continues to strengthen

2020-11-16 12:08:04
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The hryvnia on the interbank market continues to strengthen

Last week, the hryvnia on the interbank market was gradually depreciated, but on Friday the exchange rate returned to the level of the beginning of the week – 28,11/28,125 UAH/$ on the background forecast reduction in imports owing to the quarantine restrictions and the imposition of quarantine weekend in Ukraine.


the Demand for currency from importers has fallen for the second consecutive week, allowing the market itself to keep the exchange rate stable. The national Bank during the week, not out on the interbank market to buy or sell a currency.


With the beginning of the year, the NBU bought on the interbank market 4550,4 $ million and sold 3801,6 $ million, so the net purchase of currency in 2020 amounted to 748,8 million $.


for the increase in the sales of government bonds to attract cats to the budget on the background of delayed tranche of the IMF increases the pressure on the exchange rate.


At auction on 3 November, the Finance Ministry attracted to the budget of 7.87 billion by placing sovereign bonds in local currency for 5,281 billion at 9% (+100 b.n.) APR for 6 months on 281,2 million UAH under 10,42% (+12 b.n.) APR for 1 year, and in the currency in 82,36 $ million under 3,62% (+12 b.n.) per annum.


the Amount involved in the state budget through government bonds funds in the period January-October 2020 has decreased compared to the corresponding period last year to UAH 25.2% to 151,7 billion in U.S. – 26.5%, to $ 2.8 billion $, in Euro – grew by 232,9% to 630 million €. The weighted average yield of securities in the national currency in 2020 amounted to 9.8% per annum in dollars – 3.3 percent, in Euro – by 2.2% per annum.


in General, in 2019, the Finance Ministry attracted to the budget through the sale of government bonds 227,6 billion, $ 4.3 billion and EUR 387 million, so in November and December is expected to intensify sales of government bonds that will support the hryvnia exchange rate against the dollar due to the increase in receipts of foreign currency from non-resident investors.


After payment of the loans the international reserves in October decreased compared with September by 2.7% from 15,796 to 15.37 billion dollars, and since the beginning of the year they decreased from 15,785 $ billion 2.6%.


the Official reserve assets of the national Bank in October decreased by 1.5% 26,526 26,140 to billion.

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