The dollar reached UAH 27,9, or will it go up further?

2017-12-20 12:08:36
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The dollar reached UAH 27,9, or will it go up further?

yesterday's interbank trading, the dollar rose to the level 27,87/27,9 UAH, after which the potential growth began to subside.


the Exporters understood that the rate reached the maximum value, and actively sell the currency. Importers in most managed to close the "burning" position before, so the demand for currency in anticipation of the Christmas holidays has started to cool.



because of the decline In demand, the price of currency dropped to the level of 27,9-28,1 UAH/$, which indicates the absence of speculative component between cash and cashless currency.

national Bank yesterday held a meeting with the 40 largest banks, which summed up results of the year. Representatives of the NBU explained to the bankers its concern over the sharp spikes in the interbank foreign exchange quotes and a gentle warning that will actively engage those institutions that would unduly inflate quotes and rock the course in speculative transactions.


the increase in the supply of foreign currency at the end of the year amid reduced demand from importers may lead to the decline of the dollar.

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