The stock price at the end of the year stabilized

2018-12-28 12:57:08
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The stock price at the end of the year stabilized

the Dispute between the US President and Congress to provide $ 5 billion for the construction of a wall on the border with Mexico led to the shutdown of the U.S. government, resulting in USDA not released a weekly report on export sales and shipments and may delay the release of the January forecast balance for grains and oilseeds.


These events, along with news that China didn't buy this week, the American soybean became the main factor of pressure on prices that continue to decline following the oil markets and stocks.


Soybean futures, after the restoration of China in mid-December purchases of agricultural products from the US have grown gradually during the week dropped to the level of the beginning of the month - 325 $/t. Traders are disappointed by the low volume of purchases of soybeans by China, which instead announced a 5 million tonne gained only 2.5 million tons of soybeans.


corn Prices declined slightly under pressure of falling oil prices. However, support prices provide a good pace of weekly exports of corn from the US at 1 million tons or more, the country in the current season has already exported 17 million tonnes of grain.


Wheat futures also returned to the level of the beginning of the month 187,8 $/t. Traders are upset with the slow pace of wheat exports from USA increased the forecast of wheat exports from Russia, which continues to dominate the global markets and the start of the season has exported 22 million tons of wheat.


In the New year, markets will eye the outcome is scheduled for January 7 trade negotiations between the US and China, as well as to monitor weather conditions in South America, where Brazil is suffering from a drought in Argentina, excessive rains reduce wheat crop, although contribute to the development of soybean crops.