Analysts lower forecasts of grain harvest in Russia

2018-09-24 12:12:30
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Analysts lower forecasts of grain harvest in Russia

the Ministry of agriculture has written off 700 thousand hectares of wheat crops in the European territory of the country, although analysts were expecting will be charged only 400 thousand hectares. Possible additional write-offs in the Siberian and Urals districts. After that, the leading analytical agencies began to downgrade the forecasts of grain production.


the experts IKAR lowered its assessment of grain yield to 108,6 million tons, in particular:

barley – up to 16.7 million tonnes,

corn – to 10.6 million tons.

  • for wheat on 300 thousand tons to 69.2 million tons,


the Main reason for the adjustments in ICARUS called drought, although note that in some places the crops were affected by hail and floods. Through the late planting in Siberia shifted the timing of harvesting, and weather conditions did not contribute to ripening. Evaluation of wheat crop have been calculated assuming full collection of the areas in Siberia, although the weather can prevent this.


the USDA left the forecast of grain harvest at the level of 105 million tons.


the Russian grain Union estimated grain production of 110 million t


Intelligence "Prozerno" also predict a crop within 110 million tonnes, of which wheat is 70 million tons, corn – 10 million tons, and note that the best situation to harvest corn from those manufacturers, who later held the North.


SovEcon Experts believe that compared to last year the grain harvest will decrease by 20 per cent to 108 million tonnes, which will be the second or third largest exponent and is a very good indicator for severe weather conditions.


As of 20 September from 35 million hectares, or 78.1% of the harvested acreage of 92.9 million tonnes of grain and leguminous crops. In the southern and Central Federal districts and the Volga region threshed 91-94% of the area, in Ural Federal district – 62% of the sown cereal crops, 3.4 million hectares in the Siberian Federal district – only 36% from 8.9 million hectares. Now in the Siberian and Urals Federal districts harvested 5.3 million tonnes of grain, whereas on the same date last year it collected 9 million tons.

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