Us markets remain optimistic despite the riots and stop China import products from the USA

2020-06-02 12:01:20
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Us markets remain optimistic despite the riots and stop China import products from the USA

American markets are gradually growing, despite the confrontation between China and Washington, and despite continuing unrest in many cities across the country caused by the murder of a police officer a black American.


the Main stock indices - Dow Jones, S&P 500 and Nasdaq on Friday declined, but increased on Monday with their support, the Institute for supply management about the beginning of recovery of the American economy after the may fall to 11-year low.


since may 25 Minneapolis covered the mass protests, in a few days, escalated into riots. People are outraged by the police murder of an African-American George Floyd during detention. The video shows that a police officer presses his knee into the man's neck, lying on the ground, although he said that he could not breathe. Private autopsy revealed that Floyd died of asphyxiation, while preliminary data of the official autopsy, which was conducted by the County medical examiner, did not confirm positional asphyxia or suffocation.


To stop the riots in dozens of cities, including Washington, imposed a curfew, arrested nearly 2,000 people. President trump has urged governors to be tough to suppress the protests and promised to use weapons against the protesters, accusing the "left radicals" in the rocking situation.


the price of Brent crude oil on Monday rose to 38.7 $/barrel, while WTI oil rose to 35.7 $/barrel.


the Traders did not lose optimism even after reports that Chinese authorities have ordered state-owned companies to suspend the purchase of agricultural products from the United States in response to White House statement on the suspension of a special regime for Hong Kong, although the escalation of tension in relations between countries may interfere with the recovery of markets.


news from China, quotations for soya and maize on the exchange in Chicago yesterday fell, however, during trading hours and recovered almost to the level of the opening. At the end of the session, soybeans traded at 309,3 $/ton, corn – according to 127.2 $/t


most of all, prices fell for pork, from 3.3% on the background data about the cancellation of Chinese importers of parts orders on the supply of pork from the United States.

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