Farmers do not have time to sow winter crops at the optimum time

2016-09-22 13:15:13
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Farmers do not have time to sow winter crops at the optimum time

in the Coming days in the southern and Eastern regions of Ukraine are expected rainfall. First rains in the Western regions, on the next day in Odessa. According to the forecasts of meteorologists, within the next two weeks of rainfall to significantly replenish soil moisture in regions where grows the most winter wheat.


the Lack of rainfall during August and September is the main risk for the successful conduct of Seva and the initial phase of vegetation of winter crops. The process of waiting precipitation stimulates the acceleration of the pace of sowing of winter crops, particularly oilseed rape. The sowing campaign is ahead of last year's pace, but behind the average of the last 5 years.


for the harvest in 2017 it is planned to sow crops 7,374 million hectares and canola 724 thousand hectares as of 19 September sown crops 16% planned for the North of the area, and a canola – 90%, but the germination of rape due to the lack of moisture are in a weak condition.


In Ukraine, now coming to the end of the optimal terms of sowing of winter crops. In the area of forest where planted 21% of the planned winter crops areas, favorable sowing winter ended September 20. In the steppe zone, where winter crops were sown 13% of areas favourable terms end on September 28. It becomes clear that most of the areas of sowing of winter crops will be carried out after the end of the optimal timing.