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Risoil Terminal is the largest import/export oil terminal in the Black sea region, which is located on the territory of Ukraine in Ilyichevsk sea trade port. The terminal plays a key role in the export of unrefined sunflower oil Ukraine, providing services to staging companies like Cargill, Kernel, ADM and others.Characteristics of the terminal: simultaneous storage in the reservoirs 105 thousand tons of cargo; unloading — 80 railway tanks, 150 vehicles per day; the possibility of receiving different kinds of food bulk cargoes; simultaneous separate receiving liquid cargo from six suppliers; upload up to 20 thousand tons of cargo per day on three piers; simultaneous separate download on the court to 6 kinds of liquid cargo or cargo 6 cargo owners; download Flexi-tanks of different options (tank — Flexi-tank, tank — Flexi-tanks, etc.); the volume of transshipment of bulk cargo and over 1.5 million tons per year; certified according to ISO 22000 (food safety and HACCP).

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