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15.04.2024 08:44PE AGROCOMSERVsell
2005000 UAHFCAТашлик , Smila District, Cherkasy Region.prodam-kukurudza-pp-agrokomunservis-id268334
15.04.2024 08:43AGRO BROKER FOP Cherkas R.S. sell
Soybeen cake
1000435 USDFCAГородок, Horodok District, Khmelnytsk Region.prodam-makuha-soeva-agro-broker-fop-cherkas-rs-id268282
15.04.2024 08:42AGRO BROKER FOP Cherkas R.S. buy
2000410 USDDAFIzov, a Ukraine-Poland borderkuplyu-soya-agro-broker-fop-cherkas-rs-id268333
15.04.2024 08:40PE AGROCOMSERVsell
10015000 UAHFCAТашлик , Smila District, Cherkasy Region.prodam-soya-pp-agrokomunservis-id268332
15.04.2024 08:25AGRO BROKER FOP Cherkas R.S. buy
Sunflower seed meal
1000180 USDFCAвся Україна, Ternopil District, Ternopil Region.kuplyu-shrot-sonyashnikovij--agro-broker-fop-cherkas-rs-id268280
15.04.2024 08:24AGRO BROKER FOP Cherkas R.S. buy
Wheat grade IV
2000130 USDFCAвся Україна, Brody District, Lviv Region.kuplyu-pshenitcya-4-klas-agro-broker-fop-cherkas-rs-id268279
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