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PJSC "MYRONIVSKY MGF" WAS FOUNDED IN 1979. THIS ENTERPRISE, WHICH BEGAN IN 1998, THE DEVELOPMENT OF MHP The total storage capacity of plant is 250 thousand m3. And in 2012, it produced about 448 thousand tons of feed and about 120 thousand tons of oil. The structure of the production complex includes Elevator grain crops 103 thousand m3 of storage, two Elevator oilseeds (18.8 thousand m3 and 80 thousand m3), and a granary of corn (30 thousand m3). The main part of the plant consists of two feed-milling plant with a capacity of 30 t/h, oil pressing plant with a capacity of 1050 t/day for processing of sunflower seeds. In 2005 we commissioned a boiler for burning sunflower husk with capacity of 10 tons of steam per hour. The company is certified according to ISO 9001 (Requirements for quality management system) and ISO 22000 (food safety management). Manages the production of Alexander Zukotynski. Employs approximately 600 staff.

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