The growth of prices for sunflower oil supports prices on sunflower

2019-01-16 12:43:40
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The growth of prices for sunflower oil supports prices on sunflower

Reducing sentences cheap Ukrainian sunflower oil led to higher prices of offers at 640-645$/t FOB Black sea.


the Sellers were expecting the results of a tender in Egypt and price levels for you to navigate to new sales.


the State Agency Egypt's GASC yesterday bought 75,000 tonnes of vegetable oils, the highest volume purchased in the tender during the year. All purchased 15,000 tons of sunflower oil at a price of 683$/t CFR Egypt for delivery in the first half of March, and 60,000 tons of soybean oil, including 30 thousand tonnes of local production costs 654$/t and 30 thousand tons at a price of 685$/t CFR Egypt with delivery in the second half of March.


the Rise in oil prices supported the quotations of vegetable oil. Futures on palm oil in Kuala Lumpur rebounded by 0.5% to the level 523$/t


Futures for soybean oil in Chicago rebounded slightly after declining on Monday and is trading at 625 $/MT .


the Growth of prices for vegetable oil supported prices of sunflower seeds in Ukraine.

Since the beginning of the year resumed the activity of the processors, which are slightly raised procurement prices for sunflower seeds to attract the volumes to increase processing.

Since the beginning of the week the price of sunflower increased by 100-200 UAH/t and are 10300-10700грн/t to the factory and 9600-9700грн/t ex-farm.


Manufacturers in January are mostly not actively sell sunflower, waiting for a possible price increase, which occasionally happens in the spring after the results of the harvest of the oilseed in South America, the slowdown in the soybean crop in Brazil have already increased prices for soybeans after a long decline, but the weather in Argentina contributes to the normal harvest of soybean and sunflower compared to last year, when drought had reduced production.

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