The temperature decrease of a cooled stock prices for wheat in the EU

2018-08-09 12:05:44
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The temperature decrease of a cooled stock prices for wheat in the EU

on Wednesday, the wheat area in Paris ended with a minus. The heat in France retreated, the temperature fell to 10 degrees. Experts hope that this will minimize the yield losses of corn and to stabilize the grain balance of the country, which remains difficult after lowering its forecasts of wheat production.


Most market participants expect the August report USDA, so the trading volume was insignificant.



  • September futures milling wheat in Paris fell by 1.75 €/t to 214,50 €/t or 249,02 $/t


Wheat quotations in the United States increased slightly, so the market remained at 3-year high.


Experts are expecting in tomorrow's report USDA will be lowered ending stocks of wheat in the 2018/19 season in the world and, in particular, in the United States.


Weekly export sales of wheat from the United States, according to calculations by independent analysts, will be 200-500 thousand t the Upper bound of the expectations of 100 thousand tons exceeds the forecasts of the previous week.


the September wheat futures in the U.S.:


1.74 $/t to 214,67 $/t for solid winter HRW wheat in Kansas city

1,84 $/t to 232,49 $/t on a firm spring HRS wheat in Minneapolis.

  • 0,64 $/t to 209,44 $/t for SRW soft winter-wheat in Chicago