The decline in the price of sunflower oil has increased sales

2019-02-06 12:10:46
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The decline in the price of sunflower oil has increased sales

Ukraine continues to increase production and export of sunflower oil.


During September-December 2018 the production of crude sunflower oil increased compared to the same period of the previous year by 9% to a record high of 2.37 million tons.


sunflower oil Exports for the period amounted to 2 million tonnes, which is 13% higher compared to the corresponding period of the previous season and is 33% of projected exports in 2018/19 Mr 5.9 million tons.


the Decline in world prices for sunflower oil after prices of other vegetable oils has increased the demand for domestic sunflower oil.


At the beginning of 2019 the price of demand for Ukrainian sunflower oil grew to 675-685 $/t FOB, which led to reducing supply, as the processors expect further growth of prices. However, this week, the bid price fell to 1-2 $/t, making the number of offers of large amounts of increased.


After the price of sunflower oil dropped purchase prices for sunflower. Friday they lost 200-300 UAH/t due to a sharp strengthening of the hryvnia from 27.7 to 27,12 UAH/$.


Refiners have lowered the purchase price to 10900-11200 UAH/t at the factory and 10400-10500 UAH/t on the French economy.


it is Worth noting that the price of sunflower oil with delivery in India in February-March are at the level of $730/MT CIF, while may deliveries they make 720 $/t CIF.


Exchange in Asia and China due to New year celebrations, so the price trends will become clearer on Friday after the publication of the report USDA with the global balances of oilseeds.