The strengthening of the hryvnia on the interbank market will stop further growth of grain prices

2021-02-02 12:02:59
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The strengthening of the hryvnia on the interbank market will stop further growth of grain prices

Recorded in recent years soaring prices for grains and oilseeds in the background of the declining value of the dollar was due to investors ' exit from the U.S. securities and investing in various commodities, particularly in grains. On the background of the growth of speculative capital has grown not only grain prices but also the inflow of foreign currency in Ukraine and Ukrainian investments in bonds with a yield of 10% compared to almost zero in American securities.


against this background, in January, the hryvnia, firmed on the interbank market 228,40/of 28.45 UAH/$ to 28.13/28,15 UAH/$, and yesterday the dollar has fallen from 11 kopecks to 28,01/28,035 UAH/$.


the supply of currency on the interbank market exceeds the demand, because the activity of importers remains low and foreign exchange earnings from grain exports after a long vacation has grown on the back of high world prices, will remain high over the coming months.


the national Bank in January acquired on the interbank market $ 40 million and sold $ 20 million, far exceeding the volume of proposals of foreign currency on demand.


the national currency was supported by information about the construction of the state budget in January with a lower-than-expected deficit. Budget revenues in January amounted to 66.1 billion, which is 6.7% higher than the plan (UAH 61.9 billion) and 29.6% - the figure for January last year (50.9 billion UAH). The General Fund expenditures in January amounted to UAH 68 billion or 84.2% of the plan and the overall budget deficit of 4.9 billion UAH, including General Fund deficit of UAH 10.3 bn, while painting the General Fund for the period in the amount of 26.7 billion UAH.


the State borrowings to the General Fund budget in January totaled 36.9 billion, or 71.3% of the plan for this period. The repayment of debt in January sent 23.6 billion UAH, and the service – UAH 5.7 billion (96.2 percent of the plan).


As of February 1, the Single Treasury account remained 27.5 billion UAH, whereas in January 1, there were 12 billion UAH.

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