A stronger dollar weighs on wheat prices

2017-10-30 12:14:37
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A stronger dollar weighs on wheat prices

on Friday, the third day in a row, U.S. wheat market closed higher after a drop in prices.


the Strengthening of the dollar to a three-month high deteriorates and so is not too high competitiveness of US wheat.


Additional pressure on prices had increase to a record level forecast of world ending wheat stocks in its October report, the IGC.


December futures U.S. wheat fell:

at 1.10 $/t to 156,25 $/t for hard wheat HRW in Kansas city,

1.29 $/t to 226,70 $/t for hard spring wheat HRS in Minneapolis.

  • 1.65 $/t to 156.98 $/ton, soft wheat SRW in Chicago


the French wheat Market on Friday continued its gradual growth, the drivers of which are the weakening of the Euro against the dollar and the optimism of the traders, caused by a new tender of Saudi Arabia.


  • December futures milling wheat on MATIF rose by 0.5 €/t to 163 €/t (188,78 $/t).


the devaluation of the hryvnia against the dollar to the level of UAH 26,85/$ led to an increase in hryvnia prices. While currency prices remain unchanged, and wheat class 3 even fell slightly.


In the port for wheat traders offer:

protein 11,5% 170-173 $/t or 5350-5450 UAH/t,

forage 164-166 $/t or 5100-5200 UAH/t

  • protein 12,5% 172-175 $/t or 5500-5580 UAH/t,