The decrease in imports of soybeans by China slows, world exports

2019-07-19 12:15:33
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The decrease in imports of soybeans by China slows, world exports

a reduction in the number of pigs in China and the economic slowdown led to lower consumption of soybean as the main raw material in the production of animal feed.


the forecast USDA, in 2018/19 Mr China will reduce the import of soybean in comparison with the previous season, with 94,1 up to 85 million tonnes, while in 2019/20 MP will increase to 87 million tons.


Experts Oil World report that for the first 2 weeks of July, Brazil has reduced exports of soybeans to 3.46 million tonnes compared to 5.28 million tonnes over the same period in 2018. In addition, soybean meal exports declined from 83 to 65 thousand tons, and soy oil from 77 to 39 thousand tons, which may indicate a decrease in the volume of soybean processing in the country.


the Export of soybeans from Brazil in the 1st half of 2019 was 44.5 million tonnes, whereas in the 1st half of 2018 it reached 46.3 million so Only in 2019, the country will cut exports of soybeans to 70.6 million tonnes, compared to a record 83.6 million tons in 2018.


According to estimates by USDA in 2019/20 MG Brazil exports 77,8 million tons of soybeans, which is 13% higher than the figure recorded for the current season. The growth of exports due to the fact that China will continue to give preference to Brazilian soy, which is cheaper than the us because of trade disputes with the United States is not quite solved. The export of soybeans from Argentina will remain at the level of the previous season's 8 million tons, which is 116% higher than the figure recorded lean 2017/18 MG.


U.S. 2019/20 Mr will increase exports of soybeans compared to the current season by 11% to 51 million tons, which is 12% lower than in 2017/18 MG.