Increased forecasts for production and processing of sunflower seeds in Ukraine

2017-08-17 12:22:14
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Increased forecasts for production and processing of sunflower seeds in Ukraine

According to the updated forecasts of "APK-inform", in 2017 Ukraine will gather 14 million tonnes of sunflower, which is 6% higher than the previous estimate of 13.2 million tons, but still 5.6% below last year's figure of 14.8 million tons.


Forecast of production increased due to increased estimates of acreage by 5.1% to 6.2 mln t (up 1.6% less than in 2016) and a yield of 0.9% to 22.7 C/ha (-4,1% from 2016).


Experts believe that after a record harvest last year, this season, due to adverse weather conditions, this figure will be somewhat lower. However, the new forecast is significantly better than the previous and there is still potential for further improvement of production estimates.


the current level of proposals processing of sunflower in Ukraine in the 2017/18 season will amount to 13.6 million tonnes, which is 6.1% more than the previous estimate, but by 5.3% to give the figure of the previous MG. Compared 2016/17 MG production of sunflower oil will decrease by 5.3% to 5.9 million tons and its export – by 4.4% to 5.45 million tons.


Recall that in September-June of the current my Ukraine exported 187,8 thousand tons of sunflower seeds, which was a record indicator of the last five seasons.


the Purchase prices for new crop sunseeds within 410-420 $/ton delivery to the factory.


Prices for Ukrainian sunflower oil grew to 755-760 $/t FOB due to the reduction of offers and enhance demand. However, the global trend of cheaper palm and soybean oils will continue to put pressure on the price of sunflower oil, especially as you approach the new harvest.

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