The trend of falling global prices for soybeans

2017-06-07 12:11:04
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The trend of falling global prices for soybeans

the Arab countries almost simultaneously broke off diplomatic relations with Qatar over support and funding in recent terrorist activities. This is likely to affect the price of oil, as in revenge for the diplomatic isolation of Qatar can increase the production and export of oil to force "partners" in the oil business to remove restrictions.


currently, the price of a barrel of Brent crude oil fell below $50/barrel.


due to the fall in oil prices lowered the price of biofuels and the raw materials used for its production: sugar and oilseeds. The surplus of these products put pressure on prices, which is especially reflected in the cost of soybeans and sugar.


In Chicago, the price of soybeans remained at the level of 340 $/ton, and soybean oil – 692 $/t


In Ukraine, the lack of export demand and interest from processors has led to a drop in the price of soybeans by 200-300 UAH/t. Now for her offer 11000-11400 UAH/t with delivery to the plant or 10800-11200 UAH/t in the elevators.