Purchasing prices for grain continue to grow in Ukraine

2016-08-16 13:30:08
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Purchasing prices for grain continue to grow in Ukraine

the Increase in cereal production forecast from the USDA is not yet reflected in procurement prices in Ukraine.
In recent days, prices in UAH for wheat and barley grown in the domestic grain elevators and delivery to ports. This happens primarily due to the depreciation of the hryvnia, which on Friday fell from 24.8 UAH/USD to 25.05-25,3 USD/dollar and gave support to the prices at 50-70 hryvnia to Tony.

Prices in dollars remained basically stable, although the feed barley there is a slight decrease from 139-140 $ $ 136-137 CPT port in connection with the reduction of requirement of barley at the port of delivery in August.
The largest driver of prices was feed wheat, which added to the price of 2-3 dollars and caught up in the price of wheat of 3 class.
Prices on the basis of CPT-port currently are: feed wheat – 145-146 $/ton or 4150-4200 UAH/t, wheat 3 CL – 146 to 147 $/t or 4200-4250 UAH/t, wheat 2 TC – 148 to 151 $/ton or 4250-4300 UAH/t, feed barley - 136-137 $/ton or 3900-4000 UAH/tone.


Support for Ukrainian rapeseed continue to provide the news about the decline of the crop in the EU and rising prices on French exchange. For a few days, the price of rapeseed in the EU increased from 364 to 375 euros per tonne and in the appreciation of the Euro against the dollar reached $422 . Ukrainian rapeseed trading at $400-405 delivered to the port and 11100-11200 UAH/t on the domestic elevators.


a Record harvest of peas continues to reduce prices on all delivery bases and in recent weeks the purchase price of peas is 240-245 dollars delivered to the port, although more recently prices were at the level of $ 265-270.