Purchase prices for sunflower growing

2018-03-07 12:09:02
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Purchase prices for sunflower growing

Sharp rise in world prices for soybeans led to higher prices for soybeans in Ukraine in 12500-12700 UAH/MT for soybeans with GMOs and 13000-13200 UAH/t for GMO-free soybeans for delivery in port.


Rise in price of soybeans has resulted in higher price of sunflower because according to manufacturers, its price should be below 12000 UAH/t


Processors increased the procurement prices by 50-100 UAH/t and offer 11600-11800 UAH/t with delivery to the plant and 11300-11400 UAH/t ex-farm.


Reasons inhibiting the growth of prices for sunflower oil, there are several. This strengthening of the hryvnia on the interbank market from 26.8 to 26,35 UAH/$, and lower prices for palm oil to 2478 ringgit or 635 $/t with the prospect of further decline, due to reduced consumption from the major importers. The uncertainty of price trends for sunflower oil inhibits the increase in procurement prices for sunflower oil.


Prices for soy and sunflower oil do not too grown in the period of sharp increase in global prices for soybeans over the last month, so the flow of new crop soybeans from South America may reduce the price of soy, and later for soybean and sunflower oil.