With the beginning of harvest, prices for sunflower

2017-09-05 13:25:55
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With the beginning of harvest, prices for sunflower

As of September 1, Ukrainian agrarians with 158 thousand hectares collected 242 thousand tons of sunflower seeds, - informs Ministry of agrarian policy.


Manufacturers say that lower than last year, yield will lead to a reduction in the gross collection.


In 2017, the acreage under sunflower seeds in Ukraine decreased by 2.1% to 5,943 million hectares compared with the year 2016, when domestic farmers have collected a record harvest of sunflower seeds – 13.6 million tons.


the Purchase price of sunflower is gradually growing, by about 100-200 UAH/t on a weekly basis. The main growth drivers remain the high price of sunflower oil is 760-770 $/t FOB and depreciation of the hryvnia against the dollar.


In light of the news about the possible reduction of gross yield refiners are stepping up purchases of raw materials, as high export prices for oil and meal guarantee high profitability of processing.


Since the beginning of the week, purchasing prices for sunflower increased by 100 UAH/t to 10000-10300 UAH/t with delivery to the plant or 9800-10000 UAH/t on the domestic elevators.


Obviously, this season will continue the trend of increasing the number of processors that buying sunflower seeds from the farms in the ex-machine. Manufacturers to build their own zernograda complexes, that allows to provide good quality seeds and to minimize the loss of the services of elevators for drying and cleaning of grain.


the Purchase price of sunflower for FCA vehicles are at the level of 9800-10000 UAH/ton.