Independence Day Of Ukraine!

2019-08-24 13:06:35
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 Independence Day Of Ukraine!

, Our country, our nation celebrates once again the anniversary, chips fulfilled a dream of Ukrainians to be masters of their beautiful and magical land. Almost a thousand years, from the time of Kievan Rus', Ukrainians wanted to live freely, to practice their traditions and customs, without experiencing hardship and harassment. And historical conditions have developed so, that on the Ukrainian land was dominated by a more cohesive Central government of the neighboring Nations. And despite all Ukrainians fought for their freedom.

of Course, these years of independence were a challenge for all of us - a test of maturity, patience, tolerance, and finally – common sense. And there can be no doubt that the hard working people of Ukraine are able to improve life in their own state. The state, endured by generations of Ukrainians, which given how many lives and blood, the blood of our ancestors. I am sure in the cloudless future of Ukraine. This day will surely come, and the faster, the more conscious we will work hard today for the good of the Motherland and are inspired with patriotism to their city and their Ukraine. Believe me, without it is very difficult to achieve the goal. We believe – we will achieve it!

Dear compatriots! I wish you health, happiness and success in all your endeavors and may the dream of a better future inspires you to new achievements, new good deeds in the name of our Ukraine and its future generations