The yield of Ukrainian maize than last year

2017-09-18 13:24:28
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The yield of Ukrainian maize than last year

Most regions of Ukraine started harvesting corn. Now with 90 thousand hectares harvested 386 thousand tons of corn at an average yield of 4.29 t/ha (compared to 4,05 t/ha on the same date last year).

Continued harvesting millet and buckwheat. On 15.09.17 of 105 thousand hectares (57% of sown areas) and produced 119 thousand tons of buckwheat from an average yield of 1.13 t/ha (compared to 1.28 t/ha on the same date in 2016). Millet collected 61 thousand tonnes with the area of 42 thousand hectares (74% of the sown) with an average yield of 1.44 t/ha (compared to 1.83 t/ha on the same date in 2016).

On that date, Ukrainian agrarians from 9.9 million hectares of harvested 38.2 million tons, including 9.7 million ha was obtained with 37.5 million tons of early grain.

In addition, we collected:

  • of 2.2 million tonnes of sunflower from 1.2 million hectares,
  • 416 thousand tonnes of soybeans with 244 thousand hectares,
  • 845 thousand tonnes of sugar beet with 20 thousand ha.

Farmers have started sowing winter crops for harvest in 2018. Planned to sow 7.2 million hectares now planted 13%, or 957 thousand hectares, in particular:

  • winter wheat and triticale 898 thousand hectares, accounting for 15% of the plan 6.1 million hectares,
  • rye – 41 thousand hectares or 25% of the predicted 161 thousand hectares,
  • barley – 18 thousand hectares or 2% of the planned 926 thousand hectares.

Completed sowing of winter rapeseed, planted now they 752 thousand hectares, accounting for 97% of the planned 777 thousand hectares.