The yield of soybean and sunflower in Ukraine is lower than last year

2017-10-23 12:07:46
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The yield of soybean and sunflower in Ukraine is lower than last year

As of 18 October in Ukraine with 5,246 million hectares, which is 88% of the total number of planted sunflower acreage harvested 10,213 million tons of sunflower seeds with a yield of 1.95 t/ha. in Spite of the advance of harvesting last year's level of 8.8%, the yield is 11% inferior to Austria".


Soy on a specified date collected from 1,431 million hectares of the planned 1,992 million ha, which is 6.4% more than in 2016. But the gross harvest is inferior to last year's figure of 8.7% 2,665 million tons the Average yield is 14.3% lower togoro and 1.86 t/ha.


the Purchase price of sunflower in Ukraine remain unchanged for more than two weeks, and the decrease in yield is not reflected in them. The slight decrease in export prices for sunflower oil to the level 750-755 $/t FOB kept refiners from raising prices. But the quotation of soybean and palm oils stopped the decline and even show growth to 752 $/t in Chicago, 677-680 $/t FOB Malaysia, which may increase the demand for sunflower oil.


Soybeans in Ukraine for the week rose by 3-5 $/t In the port and DAP border Ukraine-Poland in soy non-GMO offer 385-395 $/ton, and soy is GMO in the port 360-365 is trading at $/t. Traders significantly more than the processors raise prices due to the reduction of the harvest of oilseeds in comparison with the previous year.