Wheat harvest in Ukraine and Russia may be at the level of last year

2017-07-26 14:16:20
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Wheat harvest in Ukraine and Russia may be at the level of last year

According to Minagropolitiki, 25.07.17 threshed 5.7 million hectares, representing 59% of the planned cleaning 9.7 million ha, the Gross harvest of early grain and leguminous crops amounts to 19.9 million tonnes with an average yield of 35 centners per hectare.


in Particular, we collected:


  • wheat 13.5 million tonnes from 3.6 million hectares (57% of the 6.4 million hectares),
  • barley 5.5 million tons from 1.7 million hectares (67% of the 2.5 million ha),
  • rye 33 thousand tons to 13 thousand hectares (8% of 169 thousand hectares)
  • oats 14 thousand t 6 thousand hectares (3% of 194 thousand ha),
  • peas 858 thousand tons with 342 thousand hectares (84% of 405 thousand hectares).

Rape collected 1.5 million tons from 579 thousand hectares, which is 74% of the planned 785 thousand hectares.


the Best grain yield was obtained in Khmelnytsky (of 5.41 t/ha), Khmelnytskyi (of 5.39 t/ha), Ivano-Frankivsk (5.3 t/ha), Chernivtsi (4,83 t/ha) and Ternopil (4,77 t/ha).


Due to good yields in the Northern and Western regions of the country, the wheat harvest could reach to 25.5-2 million tonnes, which would correspond to a level of 2016.


In Russia, on a specified date and produced 32.2 million tons of grain from an area of 7.4 million ha with a yield of 43.4 kg/ha. In 2016, on this date, with 9.3 million ha were collected 36.9 million tonnes of grain with a yield of 39.5 kg/ha.


  • Wheat from 5.7 million hectares collected 25.9 million tons at a yield of 45 centners/ha (in 2016 from 7.2 million hectares were collected 29.8 million tons at a yield of 41.6 kg/ha).
  • Barley 900,6 thousand hectares collected 3.4 million tons at a yield of 38.2 C/ha (in 2016 from 1.1 million hectares were collected 39.8 million tons at a yield of 34.9 kg/ha).
  • Winter rape from 71.7 thousand hectares collected 146,4 thousand tons at a yield of 20.4 C/ha (in 2016, from 54.8 thousand ha were collected 107,4 thousand tons at a yield of 19.6 t/ha).


Minister of agriculture of the Russian Federation believes that this year's wheat harvest will be similar to last year, Recalling that in 2016 Russia collected of 120.7 million tons of grain, of which wheat – 73.3 million tons.