Harvest of winter barley in the EU this year will be reduced

2017-07-07 12:21:23
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Harvest of winter barley in the EU this year will be reduced

the EU this year will be able to collect approximately 58 million tonnes of winter barley that will be 2 million tons less than last year. In may, the figure was estimated at 59.6 million tons.


the Main reason is the decrease of production in Spain, where the first frosts, and then the heat has damaged crops. In comparison with the previous year barley crop will decrease by 47% to 4.9 million tons.


In France gathered 60-65% of the harvest of barley. It is planned to collect 9.5 million tons, 200 thousand tons exceeds the official forecast is 1.3 million tons more than in 2016. The quality of winter barley is good.


In Germany, the production of winter rape will be reduced by 0.4% to 8.92 million tons, while the harvest of spring barley will increase by 4.3% to 1.84 million tons due to expanding acreage. Winter barley is mainly used for fodder purposes.


In Poland, the collection has slowed down due to rains. In comparison with the last year harvest of winter barley will increase by 35% to 850 thousand tons, while the production of spring will be reduced by 3% to 2.65 million tons.