At night, the deputies adopted the budget-2017

2016-12-21 12:14:44
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At night, the deputies adopted the budget-2017

Tonight is the night 274 votes "for" the people's deputies adopted the Law "On State budget of Ukraine for 2017" that contains the following characteristics:

  • net income 721,4 bln,
  • expenditure 790,4 bln,
  • the limit of the deficit of 77.5 billion.


According to the document, as 31.12.17 the amount of the state debt should not exceed 1716,6 bln, accounting for 66.4% of the planned GDP, and the amount of debt guaranteed by the state, should not be more 579,4 billion UAH, or 22.4% of GDP. The total size limit of state-guaranteed and public debt for 31.12.17 is projected to be $ 2296 bln or 88.8% of the expected GDP.


the New budget provides for an increase in real GDP by 3% and nominal GDP increased to 2,585 trillion. UAH. Inflation for 2017 should be in the range of 8.1%.


the Law provides for the previously announced increase from 01.01.17 minimum wage to 3, 2 thousand UAH.


Subsistence minimum per person per month for the next year is set:

  • 01.01.17 in the amount of UAH 1544,
  • with 01.05.17 – 1624 UAH
  • with 01.12.17 – 1700 UAH.


To support the farmers of the budget will be allocated 5.5 billion UAH.