Grain production in China in 2018 will drop a bit

2018-12-14 14:22:05
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Grain production in China in 2018 will drop a bit

According to the National Bureau of statistics of China, the total grain production in China in the season 2018/19МГ decreased by 0.6% to 657,89 million.


wheat Production dropped compared to the previous year by 2.2% to 131,4 million tons., while the corn crop dropped by 0.7% to 257.3 million ton.


the soybean crop in China increased to 19.14 million tonnes, 3.9% more compared to last year.


this year China urgently launched a campaign to increase the gross harvest of soybeans in the background of escalation of trade war with the United States, one of the main suppliers of soybeans to China.


the Area under soybean was increased by 1.9%. Every year, China processes more than 100 million tons of soybeans, and imports about 90 million tonnes.


Data on production and stocks of grain in China from the National Bureau of statistics and USDA estimates are very different and only with a Nov experts at the USDA estimated world grain use balance statistics of China, although many analysts believe that the Bureau of statistics of China does not reflect the real picture. Therefore, once the rumors about China buying large consignments of maize in the United States with huge current reserves cause a lot of issues or is it a political move of reconciliation, or the need for the domestic market.

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