The cost of transportation by rail increased by 15%

2017-10-31 18:53:30
The cost of transportation by rail increased by 15%

October 31, the rates of Railways in the domestic transport of goods increased by 15%.


the Appropriate order of the Ministry of Infrastructure published in "Governmental courier" from 31.10.17.


the company's promise that all funds received from the tariff increase will be directed to infrastructure development and the purchase and modernization of rolling stock. By 2021, the renewal of rolling stock fleet is scheduled to send 108 billion.


"the railroad had not received such investments, therefore, will now be able to stabilize its work and to increase the volume of traffic", - said Vladimir. Chairman of the Board Is. Kravtsov.


earlier, the tariff Committee of the Department agreed the increase from 1 October of the current year the cost of domestic rail freight by 22.5%. And at the meeting of 13 September, the government approved the financial plan of Ukrainian Railways, which included the indexation of these rates.


Directoryslash, which carries out control in the field of economic activities, has confirmed increase of tariffs for domestic rail transportation at 15%.