The price of wheat on the stock exchanges began to grow again

2018-07-18 14:27:13
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The price of wheat on the stock exchanges began to grow again

In the United States and Europe have established favorable weather conditions for harvest of wheat. This year in the U.S. wheat yield is celebrated better than expected. But the EU wheat harvest is somewhat lower than expected. However, in both countries noted the high quality of the wheat harvest.


currently, the U.S. winter wheat harvested with 74% of the area, which is 3% higher than the average for the past five years.


the Condition of spring wheat is estimated as good to excellent by 80% of the area, which is a good indicator in comparison with 34% last season.


In the West and North of Ukraine precipitation is slow the harvest and reduce the quality of wheat. Forecast precipitation for the next 5-7 days worsens the situation. Russia celebrates the deteriorating weather conditions in the growing areas of spring wheat, while these regions continue sygates forecasts to harvest.


Yesterday, the quotations of milling wheat on the Paris stock exchange rose 3 euros to 187 euros/tone or 217,56$/t on the background information about the reduction of wheat yields in Germany, the Baltic States, Poland.


the price of wheat in American markets also grew by 1-1,5%, and in Chicago the price of wheat increased by 2% to 184,64$/t


Ukraine in the ports of the continued growth of purchasing prices for Ukrainian milling wheat in respect of concerns about reducing the amount of high-protein wheat this season.


the Price of wheat protein 12,5% up to 184-185$/t or 5700-570 UAH/t, and wheat protein 11.5% to 179-180$/t or 5600-5650 UAH/t with delivery to the port, the price of feed wheat remain at 170-171$/t