In Ukrainian ports is rapidly rising sunflower oil

2016-08-18 13:16:02
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In  Ukrainian ports is rapidly rising sunflower oil

So the latest figures, the price in the export market of crude sunflower oil, shows growth. Experts povyazuyuyut a rapid rise in prices, with the worldwide trend of rising prices for palm oil after the next balance USDA.


On 16 Aug, announced the price of sunflower oil is 780 - 785 U.S. dollars per ton FOB. Note that until recently, the price ranged from 770 to $ 780.

demand Price of sunflower oil, in turn, is in the range of 765-770 U.S. dollars per ton (the period of time September-October), until recently, 760-765 U.S. dollars per ton.

Many economists believe that appreciation.


the Rise in oil prices to $49, a decrease in the production of palm oil in the world and the strengthening of the Euro against the dollar have become significant factors support the price of sunflower oil that will not collapse of purchasing prices for sunflower when approaching record harvest in Ukraine, which is estimated at 13,5 million.


the Purchase prices for new crop sunseeds rose to the level 8700-9000 UAH, while last week voiced 8500-8700грн delivery to the factory.