In Ukraine, the growing demand for corn

2018-01-09 12:09:57
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In Ukraine, the growing demand for corn

Despite the poor performance of weekly exports of corn in the U.S. dropped to the level of 137 $/t. According to the USDA, corn exports totalled 849,2 thousand tons, which is 16.89% more than the previous week, but 3.5% lower than the level of the same period last year.


the Total amount of corn exports in the current season in comparison with last year has decreased by 24.5% and is only 55% of the USDA forecasts, whereas last year reached 65%, with an average of 58%.


corn Prices supports an increase in the production and export of ethanol. Exports of ethanol from the US during January-November increased compared to the previous year by 26% and according to official data released on Friday, was in November, 1,193 billion gallons.


the market crushed by the news about the increase in the July-December export of corn from Brazil, which is 16.4 million tonnes exceeded the figure of 2016, due to the record crop of 2017.


In the Ukrainian export market of corn from the beginning of a new year, a growth of rates of demand, particularly on the basis of CPT-port. This is due to the devaluation of the hryvnia against the dollar and the desire of the traders to attract more large shipments of grain to fulfill previously signed agreements.


In the port corn prices rose 1-2 $/MT to the level of 151-152 $/t or 4850-5000 UAH/t


internal elevators prices are also rising, but the purchases are made only on those elevators that can send "routes" (train of 55 wagons). In other warehouses in the purchase price lay the necessity of storing grain for 2-3 months, so the prices are lower at 80-100 UAH/t