In Ukraine, reduced purchase prices for grain, canola, and soy

2016-08-30 12:25:24
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In Ukraine, reduced purchase prices for grain, canola, and soy

Rapid decline in the price of wheat and corn in the U.S. in the last week led to lower purchasing activity in Ukraine. Lack of active demand for wheat and barley from the traditional exporters of Ukrainian grains caused the decrease in purchase prices on the basis of an SRT port in dollar terms:


feed wheat from $144 to 146 to $137-140, the

  • feed barley from $137 to $134-135,
  • wheat 3кл $149-150 to $145-147,
  • wheat 2 KL $152-153 to $149-151.


 Purchase price in national currency remained almost unchanged thanks to a marked depreciation of the hryvnia, which slipped from 25,05 UAH/USD to $ 25.50 UAH/USD, and added support for the price of 70 UAH/ton.
For a few days, the price of rapeseed in the EU decreased from 375 to 371 euros per tonne, but the decline of the Euro against the dollar has lowered the price of rapeseed in dollars from $428 to $415.

The price of Ukrainian rapeseed also decreases after drop in prices on the French stock exchange.
Now the domestic canola is trading at $405 with shipping to port and 11400-11500 UAH/t on the domestic elevators.

The price of Ukrainian soybeans new crop also declined from 380 to 365-370 dollars delivered to the port. Information about the good condition of soybean crops in the U.S. and expectations for a record harvest continuing to lower soy prices on the Chicago exchange, where she is now trading at the level of 354,85 $/ton.