In Ukraine, purchase prices for wheat are 4 40-45 / ton lower than for corn

2021-06-04 12:02:25
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In Ukraine, purchase prices for wheat are 4 40-45 / ton lower than for corn

In Ukraine, there is a paradoxical situation when, against the background of high export demand and a shortage of supplies, purchase prices for corn in the port reached 2 280-285/ton, while prices for food wheat remain at a low level of.235-240/ton due to a significant volume of offers from producers and low export demand. This is due to the lack of feed wheat on the market, which Asian buyers could replace corn, as well as a greater demand for wheat of the new crop than the old one.


It is worth noting that the prices for wheat of the new crop are higher than for the old crop, and amount to 2 240-245/ton in the port, which corresponds to the level of prices for corn of the new crop, which is offered in the port in November at.240-245/ton.


On world stock exchanges, corn prices are higher than wheat prices, in particular, the difference between July corn and wheat futures in the United States is 1 13/ton, and between August corn futures and September wheat futures in Europe – 4 46/ton.


Yesterday, traders recorded profits on the US wheat exchanges after a rapid increase in prices on Wednesday, so quotes fell, even despite the hot and dry weather in the Northern American Plains. However, the threat of deterioration of spring wheat crops and the strengthening of the dollar today may lead to another jump in prices.


July US futures fell:

  • by 4 4.13 / ton to Чикаго 248.47/ton for soft winter SRW wheat in Chicago,
  • by 3 3.49 / ton to H 229.37/ton for hard winter HRW wheat in Kansas City,
  • by 2 2.02/ton to.285.68 / ton for hard spring HRS wheat in Minneapolis.


Against the background of favorable weather in Ukraine and Russia and improved production forecasts, July Black Sea wheat futures on the Chicago Stock Exchange fell by 3 3.5/ton to.262/ton.


The increase in prices for European wheat was limited by data on a decrease in export rates at the end of the season and favorable weather conditions for the development of crops.


  • September wheat flour futures on Euronext rose 0.5 €/T to 215.5 €/t or 2 261.11/t, while December futures remained at 214.5 €/t or.259.9/t.


The demand of Asian buyers for feed wheat is met by Australia, which activates exports and increases competition with Black Sea wheat. In April, the country increased wheat exports by 8% compared to march to 2.46 million tons, which is almost three times higher than in April 2020. the main importers were Indonesia (734,541 thousand tons), Vietnam (239,835 thousand tons), Thailand (231,118 thousand tons), China (173,656 thousand tons) and Japan (141,808 thousand tons).

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