In Ukraine, the ongoing reduction in purchasing prices for grains and oilseeds

2017-05-26 12:15:02
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In Ukraine, the ongoing reduction in purchasing prices for grains and oilseeds

on the Eve of harvesting a new crop and amid record harvests in the season 2016/17 MG, a decrease in world prices for grains and oilseeds.


In Ukraine, traders and processors almost do not buy the products of the old crop and move on to a new crop. Purchase price in local currency declining due to the strengthening of the hryvnia to 26.20 UAH/$, in June-July may strengthen to 25.5-26 UAH/$.


For wheat at the port today offer:

  • 2grade 12,5% 4800-5150 UAH/t,
  • 3 grade 11,5% 4600-5000 UAH/t,
  • feed 4350-4700 UAH/t


the Highest price buyers call for volume delivery until the end of may, while for delivery in June-July of grain prices is minimal.


the Processors are willing to pay 4700-4800 UAH/t for wheat delivered to the mill and 4600-4750 UAH/t for feed wheat delivered to a feed mill.


corn Prices dropped to the level 4750-4850 UAH/t for deliveries to the port and 4350-4550 UAH/t for deliveries to the feed mill.


the Fall of corn prices in port before 156-157 $/t and the intention of the railroad from June to increase tariffs for cargo transportation will lead to reduction of prices on the domestic elevators.


Due to the lack of demand for soybean and sunflower from exporters has allowed refiners to build stocks of raw materials, which will be enough till the new season.


the Sharp reduction in procurement and lack of demand led to the fall of prices for sunflower 11400-11500 UAH/t to 10500-1000 UAH/t with delivery to the plant.


the Price of soybeans decreased by 200-300 UAH/t and amount to 11500-11700 UAH/t for deliveries to the factory.

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