The second stage of land reform has begun in Ukraine

2024-01-02 10:56:47
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The second stage of land reform has begun in Ukraine

From January 1, 2024, the second stage of the land reform began in Ukraine, which provides for an increase in the maximum permitted size of the plot for purchase from 100 hectares to 10,000 ha, as well as granting permission to purchase land not only to individuals, but also to legal entities. At the same time, the requirement to purchase land exclusively by citizens of Ukraine remains valid.


We will remind that in December 2023, the All-Ukrainian Agrarian Council registered a petition to postpone the increase in the permitted area for the sale of agricultural land until the end of the war. The petition has already received the 25,000 votes needed for consideration by the president, and has been sent for consideration by the government. However, it is not yet known about any decisions of the Cabinet.


The land reform envisages the third stage, which will open the market for foreign individuals and legal entities. However, such a step must be approved in an all-Ukrainian referendum, which cannot be held under martial law.

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