In Ukraine is gaining momentum sowing campaign

2018-04-12 12:12:08
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In Ukraine is gaining momentum sowing campaign

As of 11.04.18 in Ukraine early grains and leguminous 551 thousand hectares or 23% of the planned areas.


in General, on a specified date in 20 fields sown:

peas 142 thousand hectares (34%);

wheat 27 thousand hectares (15%);

oats 21 thousand hectares (10%).

  • spring barley 362 thousand hectares (23% of planned areas);


In 7 regions started sowing of sugar beet, which are sown on 13 thousand hectares or 4% of the planned 302 thousand hectares.


fed by winter crops on the area of 5.5 million hectares (75% of the planned amount) and winter rapeseed on the area of 844 thousand hectares (84%).


Dimensions "UkrAgroConsult" predict that through the long winter and the late start of planting season area sown barley will be reduced by 5.1% to 2.4 million hectares (compared to 2.53 million hectares in 2017) that will allow you to obtain a 7.7-7.8 million tonnes the sowing area of soybean will decrease by 6.5% up to 1.8 million hectares because of the uncertainty of the issue of refund of VAT on exports of soybeans from September 1, 2018.


Experts of "APK-inform" I believe that in 2018/19, my Ukraine will increase grain production by 6% to 65,8 million tons In particular, in comparison with the current season the acreage under maize will increase by 2% to 4.62 million hectares, which will allow to 28.5 million tons of grains by raising the yield to 6.23 t/ha wheat crop will grow by 3% up to 27 million tonnes, barley by 6% to 7.8 million tons.