In the season 2016/17 MG will increase world production of soybeans

2016-05-30 13:34:46
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In the season 2016/17 MG will increase world production of soybeans

Analysts Oil World released a forecast of world soybean production in the 2016/17 season MY. New crop will amount to 325 million tons, which will exceed the expected outcome according to the current season 313,31 million.



In comparison with the season of 2015/16 the forecast of gross yield increased for the following countries:

  • the Ukraine / Russia to 820 thousand tons to 7.28 million ton,
  • the Brazil is 4 million tons to 102 million tons,
  • a Argentina 3.3 million tonnes to 58.3 million tons,
  • the EU countries 280 thousand tons to 2.59 million tons,
  • the India 1.9 million tons to 9 million tons,
  • the China by 1 million tons to 11.5 million tons.

At the same time lowered the forecast of soybean production for:

  • the USA on 950 thousand tons to 106 million tons,
  • the Canada 140 thousand tons to 6.1 million tons.


Global supply of soybeans will exceed the value of the current season at 9.04 million tone, and will be 407,22 million. However, such a volume would be insufficient to meet global demand for oilseeds.


12.06 million tone to tone 284,2 million volumes will increase global processing of soybeans. The projected increase in world exports of soybeans will lead to a reduction of world stocks of soybeans to 77 million tons against the accounting period 82.22 million tons in the current season.



Experts of Oil World has revised the forecast of world production of sunflower in the season 2016/17 MG, increasing it to 44,73 million tone against 41.88 million tonnes in the current season. Gross harvest of sunflower will increase:

  • the in Ukraine 700 thousand tons to 12.2 million tons,
  • the Russia 600 thousand tons to 10.3 million tons,
  • the EU at 770 thousand tons to 8.4 million tons,
  • a Argentina 470 thousand tons to 3.3 million tons,
  • the Turkey is 80 thousand tons to 1.4 million tons.


However, for USA the expected deterioration of the sunflower crop is at 100 thousand tons to 1.23 million tons.