On Monday, wheat prices continued to decline

2017-08-22 13:21:40
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On Monday, wheat prices continued to decline

After Friday's minor adjustments on Monday the market U.S. wheat is once again under down trend.


in the absence of positive news, investors launched a speculative sale.


Report on condition of crops, which was published yesterday, showed improvement in the condition of spring wheat was an additional factor of pressure on prices.


the September wheat prices in the US fell:

  • soft wheat SRW in Chicago by 2.39 $/t to 150,46 $/t,
  • for hard wheat HRW in Kansas city by 2.48 $/t to 149,82 $/t
  • on a hard spring wheat HRS in Minneapolis by 5.05 $/t to 240,67 $/t


September futures French wheat fell to a new low. The main driver was the stock exchange in Chicago, where he accelerated the fall of prices, and the strengthening of the Euro against the U.S. dollar.


Despite the continuous fall in the prices of French wheat is still not competitive, which is confirmed by the results of the tender in Saudi Arabia. The victory there won wheat protein 12.5% of Baltic-German origin at a price 184 $/t FOB, while French wheat with lower protein at this time traded for 188 $/t FOB.


  • September futures milling wheat on MATIF fell by 3.5 €/t to 152,25 €/t (179,87 $/t).


In Ukraine, wheat prices continue a rapid decline. The leader of depreciation remains of feed wheat, however, suddenly to the level 156-160 $/t, has dropped the price of wheat with protein 11.5 percent, although traders expected only to increase the price difference between fodder and food grains up to 15-20 $/t.


In the ports of Ukraine traders offer:


  • feed wheat 146-150 $/t or 4350-4550 UAH/t,
  • wheat 3 CL protein of 11.5% 156-160 $/t or 4750-4900 UAH/t,
  • wheat 2 KL protein 12,5% 168-170 $/t or 5000-5250 UAH/t